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Patrick Hazell's Solstice Sessions, Vol. One - Available Now! 


This is an album of improvised music recorded live in one take. It is "New" music with blues, jazz, world, folk, classical, and meditative musical elements. 


Patrick Hazell’s Hawkeye Valley Bell Project, Sept.25, 2005


The documentary produced and broadcast by Iowa Public Television about Patrick Hazell's Bell Projects--his ideas, compositional elements, and the production of the event which is an hour-long sequenced ringing of the large bells in nine church and public buildings. The video also presents an excellent portrait of the beautiful landscape of Hazell's hometown of Burlington, Iowa, built in the 19th Century in along the valley of Hawkeye Creek where it flows into the Mississippi River.

Patrick Hazell - "Havin' A Party" Russia, Oct. 14, 2007


Patrick Hazell sings 'Havin A Party' while playing blues organ in a jam session/party with Nadia Utkina and other friends in Izhevsk--the capital city of the Udmurt Republic in west-central Russia, Oct. 14, 2007

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Bell Project
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